Welcome to InsightApps™ Lift Portfolio Dashboard

Providing you with a Broad Range of Key Business Perfomance Indicators, Distributed Real-Time across your Company's Intranet, equiping you to make Better, more Informed, Decisions as your Business Grows!

As successful businesses grow and develop, so does the need for information. InsightApps™ Lift Portfolio Dashboard provides a real time, interactive view of your business’s key activities. Gathering together core information on lift breakdown, servicing and repairs, InsightApps™ truly maintains your “finger on the pulse” of your business as it grows, and the ever expanding Customer Service demands increase.

Whether its knowing which engineers are available now, to cover an urgent breakdown or entrapment; permanently monitoring which Client's lifts are currently out-of-service, or being aware of which Client owes what payment and when it's due, with InsightApps™ Lift Portfolio Dashboard you get up to date, summarised information, directly from your Business’s key Liftdata™ and Sage (Pegasus Opera I, II and III) data sources, without having to ask and then....wait! Too often the moment is lost!

Use the secure Log-In above to access your Business’s key operational and financial information, presented in a user-friendly format, and keep yourself and your Business ahead of the competition.
           Working in partnership with Microsoft, InsightApps™ Lift Portfolio Dashboard was Designed, Developed and Tested using the latest Microsoft products and technologies, as part of Microsoft's BizSpark Program. The product is technically supported through Microsoft’s Developer Network (MSDN).