Microsoft Internet Explorer 8

Internet Explorer 8 was originally released in 2009 and comes bundled with Windows software. It is one of the most popular browser used today and the most common Business browser. The current version of Internet Explorer is available for free download from Microsoft.

  How to check which browser version I use:
    Open your current browser.
    Click the "Help" button on the "Menu Bar"
    Click the "About Internet Explorer" button, to get your browser vesion details.

Screen Resolution

Screen, or display, resolution is the number of pixels displayed per inch on your monitor. This can be adjusted on your computer depending on the screen and the graphics capability of the computer. The most common screen resolution currently used for Internet browsing is 1024x768.

  How to check my screen resolution:
    Using Windows,XP
    Goto your blank desktop screen and right click your mouse, then select "properties" from the pop-up menu.
    Select the "settings" tab from the "Display Properties" menu.
    This screen will show your "Screen resolution" settings, below the slider bar.

        OR, click on the button     

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