InsightApps™ Lift Portfolio Dashboard: Main Features and Benefits

Developed together with Microsoft, for the Lift Industry, InsightApps™ Lift Portfolio Dashboard offers your Business the following Key Features and Benefits.

Feature Benefit
 Your Data  InsightApps™ presents the actual data from your Business's databases to ensure information is always consistent, accurate and current.
 Key Performance Indicators  Key decision data is summarised and presented in easily understood charts, graphs and facts, showing what is important to controlling your Business
 Whole Business  InsightApps™ delivers current data analysis across your whole business, including operational and financial sources (where available)
 Solid Foundation  InsightApps™ was developed together with Microsoft on a Microsoft platform and is based on your Liftdata and Sage financial information.
 Interactive  Analysis are interactive so you can customise current views to suit your exact current enquiries.
 Company Intranet  InsightApps™ is distributed around your Business on your Company Intranet ensuring access to common information by all staff (where authorised).
 Secure Data  Strict Microsoft security and password protection assures confidentiality of your information allowing only those authorised to view information.
 Real-Time Updates  Information is not static, it is updated and refreshed at a frequency applicable to the analysis presented.
 User-Friendly  Information is displayed in your desk computers web-browser (such as Internet Explorer), so does not require excel spreadsheet or accounting skills.
 Low Cost  No large upfront software purchase cost, just a low monthly license fee.