What information do i see with InsightApps™ Lift Portfolio Dashboard?

InsightApps™ Lift Portfolio Dashboard was developed for the lift industry to simplify the acquisition and analysis of data for use in decision making. Designed and developed using Microsoft’s proven technologies, InsightApps™ Lift Portfolio Dashboard provides reliable and secure access to your sumarised business data.

Linking to Liftdata for your Operational data and Sage or Pegasus Opera for your Financial information, InsightApps™ Lift Portfolio Dashboard analyses information from across your whole Company and then re-distributes a consistent "picture" to all your authorised users through a web-browser (such as Internet Explorer) via your Company Intranet. Simple!

The pages you can see alongside show your data presented in an easily understood format of graphs, tables and statements. At a glance you are able to understand the current breakdown situation for the Company, perhaps by Engineer. Are your resources too stretched? Who has capacity to take the next job to ensure the job can be completed in accordance with the Client's expectation? Do you need to move resources?

The lower page is tracking service completions for the month against Client's expectations and your contractual obligations. You can see at a glance how each area is performing and each individual engineer. 2 weeks into the month, who is falling behind and who is ahead? Decisions need to be made about reallocating resouce or maybe there's time to complete those extra small repairs!

InsightApps™ Lift Portfolio Dashboard is optomised for viewing with Microsoft IE8, using a screen resolution of 1024 x 768. The product has also been tested with the following web browsers: IE7, Firefox v3.6.13, Opera v11.50, Google Chrome v12.0, Safari 5.05.


            Please see the "Interactive Demo" pages for further details.