"You, InsightApps™ and the Cloud!"

Computing costs in a Lift business can be significant! Its' not just the cost of the servers, the complicated software and their periodic replacement, but the cost of maintaining them with your nominated IT consultant. As their importance increases, or at least the need for the information they provide, there is really no alternative. So it's just a necessary cost of doing business in the 21st Century.....or perhaps not!

Cloud computing is simply subscribing to various IT services, such as email, customer relationship management systems or web conferencing, which are provided by a third party. You pay a monthly charge depending on how many PCs you have.

Why should I ‘go to the cloud'? Because it means you don’t have to worry about your IT – you can focus on your business instead. You pay for what you want at the time that you need it, and if your requirements change, you simply change your subscription. It’s also easier to manage your cashflow and you don’t need upfront capital investment.

InsightApps™ Lift Portfolio Dashboard has been designed with the cloud in mind. Using "Microsoft Azure," your Lift Portfolio Dashboard can be transferred and brought to you seamlessly from the Cloud. Backed by Microsoft reliability, you get total peace of mind, brought to your business IT.

Key Data Direct to Your mobile phone!

It's difficult to relax when you're running an operation providing a critical service. Your customer's demands seem to be constantly increasing and you're expected to have current information and answers at all times, so having the "operation" literally at your fingertips, 24hrs a day will provide you with the facts to satisfy them and provide outstanding customer service!

At InsightApps™, we recognise the importance of real-time updates to keep you informed, even when you're mobile or out of the office. Imagine, just as you go into a meeting with a client, having all the current breakdown and service information, all right there, on your smartphone screen.

We currently have a development team designing a series of "apps" for your mobile phone technology (android, Windows Mobile and iphone), that will keep you updated with secure, up to the minute information.

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